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NeoSize XL real review

This supplement may not be as well known as the others, but it certainly is worth looking into as great results have been reported all over the web.

We have decided to review NeoSize XL as it claims to be the "World's #1 choice for male enhancement". A bold claim but we feel it definitely lives up to the hype after taking a closer look at the product.

Here at How Do I Get A Bigger Penis, we are committed to bringing you honest reviews, so read on to see what we thought of this impressive herbal based supplement.

WARNING: We only list approved stores on our site, please don't fall for inferior products that could leave you out of pocket and thinking the product does not work.

NeoSize XL Bottles

Product claims...

NeoSize XL is specially formulated to increase the blood flow to the penile chambers, while at the same time balancing your hormones to stimulate growth in the penis. This will result in an increase in girth and length, as well as giving you bigger, harder and more sustained erections as well as an improvement in sexual stamina and giving you an overall boost in confidence.

Expected results...

The product claims to increase size by 0.5 of an inch after every month of usage, resulting in a total increase of 3 inches and above. It also claims to give an increase of 20% in the girth department, which sounds very appealing. Below is a chart showing the average gains from using the product.

Average NeoSize XL Results
Discreet Packaging

Delivery & packaging

We are always interested to see how fast a product is delivered and if the packaging lives up to the "discreet" claims. We were not disappointed, the bottles were delivered in blank looking envelopes as described without any indication of the product inside. The bottle itself is very professional looking and looks like how you would expect a proper medical supplement to look.

Included in the pack:

We opted for the 6 month supply as we feel this is a good time to give a supplement a fair test and it also offered the best value and included free delivery, a 10% discount and 2 free bottles.



We decided to test the product using a volunteer, so we could get a better idea if the product lived up to it's claims. Our test subject was a 30 year old white male with a flaccid length of 3.3 inches and an erect length of 4.8 inches.

The test was conducted over 6 months (24 weeks) following the recommended dosage of one capsule twice daily. The results were astonishing, and after the 6 month period, the subject had reached a flaccid length of 4.9 inches and an erect length of 6.7 inches.

We see these as brilliant results and our volunteer was very happy with his erect gain of 1.9 inches. He also commented on how his erections felt fuller, which was correct as his erect girth had increased from a circumference of 5 inches to 5.8 inches. This resulted in massive feeling of confidence, although not quite as much of an improvement as the stated average gains, a great outcome none the less.

User testimonial

We asked our volunteer to give us a testimonial after using NeoSize XL, this is what he said;

"I have to say that I am more than happy with my penis now. I honestly didn't expect to gain as much as I did with just taking a couple of pills a day. I didn't really notice much for the first month and was feeling it may have just been a waste of time taking them, but I knew that these things can take time to have any noticeable effect. I'd say around the six week mark my penis started to look a lot fuller, so I continued taking it everyday. A couple of weeks later I measured myself again and sure enough, my penis had increased in size! I was absolutely elated that it was working! After the six months were up, I already knew I had gained in size as I had been measuring myself once a week or so. All I can say is thank you to the How Do I Get A Bigger Penis team for asking me to trial this product. The confidence it has given me is amazing and I am very satisfied with my results. All I can say is give it a try and stick with it. It worked for me!"


The company offers support through a variety of methods including a direct phone number (if you are based in the US). Also they provide 24 hour email support through their website, answering any questions or problems you may have.


If you purchase from our approved store you will get a 100% money back guarantee, making your purchase completely risk-free. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 90 days to get a full refund of the purchase price. This is a great offer as it shows their confidence in the product. With this you really do have nothing to lose in trying out this supplement.

Approved Product
  • Service Four stars
  • Value Four stars
  • Speed Three and a half stars
  • Effectiveness Four and a half stars
  • Overall Four stars


We are very impressed by this supplement. Although our tests achieved slightly below the averages stated, we were very happy with the gains that were made with just taking a couple of capsules per day. The service and support, coupled with a quick delivery time and excellent value leaves us awarding a 4 out of 5 star rating to NeoSize XL. Click here to visit an approved store now. Approved Money Back Guarantee Discreet Fast Shipping Multi-Country Shipping
Phil Doncaster