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For years people have used penis enlargement exercises to increase length, girth and overall size. There are many penis exercises that can achieve great results if you are willing to put in the time and effort required to reach your goals.

The important thing to remember when following one of our free penis exercise programs, is that you must be very careful in following the instructions closely and be prepared to not see results instantly, it may be many weeks before you see results when just using exercises alone and results vary depending on a number of factors, including commitment, time, following the instructions and how big you are to start with.

There are even exercises that can alter your penis, not just in the growth department, but that can give you a bigger head of your penis, or even workouts that can help towards correcting a curved penis. All of which are totally free and available to access right now...

In-depth guides and videos...

Here at How Do I Get A Bigger Penis we are committed to providing you with the best guides to help you achieve success. We provide in-depth instructions that will guide you through step by step, complete with pictures and instructional exercise videos to keep you on track. All this, coupled with our expert advice, these materials will give you the knowledge on how you could succeed, as well as helpful tips to maximise results to try and get you gains up quickly and safely.

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Our exercise guides explained...

The difference between our guides and most other penis exercise guides around the internet is that ours are 100% free and they always will be. Our guides are devised from much research into the best techniques to employ, whether you want to increase length, girth or even correct a curved penis. We also have a guide on the popular technique of Jeling, that shows you the correct way to do it. Each guide comes with step by step walk through instructions and an instructional video to help you on your way to achieving success.

Jelqing Guide


The jelq is the most common penis enlargement exercise out there. It has been around for centuries and has evolved over the years into what is now known as the best all round penis exercise.

Jelqing techniques are used mainly for increasing girth, length and also the hardness of the penis. This is done by milking the penis so that the blood is forced further down the shaft, promoting growth and increased circulation.

This is a good place to start if you are new to penis exercising, login to view the jelqing guide or check out our information about jelqing page to learn more before you begin.

Length Guide

Penis Length Exercise

The most common wish for a bigger penis is to grow in length as this is what is deemed most important when it comes to size. Every man knows that women always ask each other "how big was it?", no man wants to be looked upon as the little sailor of the group, so the desire to gain a few inches in length is great.

If you are wanting a more specific guide aimed at just lengthening the penis, we have it right here. Using a combination of the best lengthening steps, our guide could have you gaining inches in a few weeks. Read more on penis length here.

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Girth Guide

Penis Girth Exercise

A lot of men are happy with the length of their penis, but they are not satisfied with their thickness, which can not only damage confidence, but also you may not be reaching your potential in satisfying your partner.

With so many different exercises for improving girth and the confusing and lengthy instructions that are out there, which exercise should you choose? Well here at How Do I Get A Bigger Penis, we have come up with the best combination of steps that could gain you size in the girth department. Read more about the importance of penis girth here.

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Curve Correction Guide

Penis Curve Correction

Do you have a bent penis? This is quite a common problem that effects one in ten men. It can cause horrible anxiety for a male, mainly because of not being comfortable during intercourse. Read more about penis curvature here.

It can possibly be rectified with exercise so do not worry if this effects you. It is not an easy task to correct a curved penis, but we have come up with a combination of steps in our walk-through guide, complete with images and an instructional video that might help.

Our expert guide is totally free so login now to view the penis curve correction guide and take the first steps in trying to get a straighter penis...

Head Growth Guide

Penis Head Growth

Looking for a bigger head of your penis? Having a large helmet can be great for sexual satisfaction, which is why it is one of the most desired aspects of the penis. You have all heard women saying "it was like a baby's arm holding an apple", which is what a lot of women find very satisfying during intercourse.

We have compiled this free guide for you to try and get the big head that you want using a series of detailed steps and walkthrough video.

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If you are thinking exercises are not for you, you can also check out our penis enlargement devices section, or alternatively our penis supplements section which review the best products on the market today.

A two-pronged attack

It is no secret that the best way to achieve great gains can be to use supplements as well as a device or exercising. This is because you are using two completely different methods to achieve the same goal, ultimately working together, which could give you the best results. Check out our guide to the two-pronged attack for more information now.