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Here are some real testimonials from users of the product. They show that the system can work very effectively. We only show real testimonials that were sent to the official SizeGenetics website. Check out below the testimonials and the before and after pictures further down the page for more stories of success from using the system.

Real testimonials

“I feel a meatier and stronger penis even though I have only been using it for 5 weeks, I hope by the end of the treatment this keeps up.“

- Ramon

“It’s been over 3 weeks, I have gained about 1/8” in girth so far. I am hopeful for length gains.”

- Dean

“Already starting to see some progress - penis looks ‘fuller’ more often, wearing the device is comfortable, very happy so far!”

- Glen

“I’m more erect and harder, girth and length are starting to increase when flaccid.”

- Casey

“In nearly 3 weeks I have gained 1cm in length and girth. I am pleased so far, and feeling confident it may bring me to my desired length. I have also noticed an increase in sensitivity in the head of my penis, I see this as good and very pleasurable.”

- Joshua

“Initial gains are impressive and the product seems to be working.”

- Garth

“I’ve only used the product for 2 weeks and so far I’ve gained .5cm flaccid length, .6cm flaccid girth, .5cm erect length and .2cm erect girth.”

- German

“I gained appoximately 1/2” in around a month once I got familiar with the device.”

- Chas

“My gains now show extra ordinary growth.”

- Glen

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What people have said...

The testimonials for SizeGenetics appear to be very positive, the most mentioned points are;

Before & after pictures from users

Check out the official product website, where can see genuine before and after pictures from users.

The results themselves are very impressive and show just how quickly this system can result in size gains, which is not only a physical benefit, but a great mental benefit as well.

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As you can see from these testimonials, SizeGenetics does work for many men around the world and it could work for you too.

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